Krissie (_krissie_) wrote in fans_only,

Hoo yah!

lol. I seem to have worn out my welcome mat over at the pmk comm. Er anywho they call me krissie aka heisuke lol i like to write corny ficlets and sometimes they don't make sense but that's okay. i luff anime and i luff to draw it too. i am a deviant on deviantart o.o'' XD here's my site

I like to make friends so feel free to contact me :D see everyone around!
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"eh....I have nothing too intelligent to say......except that due to my latest crappy fic and the fact that i have abused the PMK fandom it would be better if I just leave. There's really nothing left for me to say.... "

Don't feel that you have to leave, that was just someone's opinion, no one hates you or anything.
eh......not yet........but it might come eventually
Like someone stated don't be discouraged... ;_;
you are free to post what you like here noone will degrade your work or tell you to stop. I appreciate anyone who can write the things they like. Even if youre in char or ooc. The fact is fan fictions are based on the way you see the character. Or want to see the character. Thats why they are called Fan fictions. So whatever anyone else has to say wrongly on that must not know why they call it fan fics... right??
yeah but you know how people are.......I write about Okita in his cute stage but I guess people want to see him spreading blood everywhere....I'm not gonna post there anymore now.
like isaid you are free to post it here. i dont care what anyone else says. If they dont like it on my community then they can come to me. I will only tell them tough noone said u have to read it. lol. ppl can be simple minded sometimes not many think of how someone else feels. when i was a fic writer i got flamed once but in the end it doesnt matter. what matters is you enjoyed writting it and you wrote it from your perspective.... so dont be discouraged.
i just got even more of a flame now because apparently no one likes the fact that i put my oc into the fic. no one can say anything nicely anymore. it's really stressing me out badly now....i don't really know what to do now except write some depressing fic in my own journal. people don't care about anyone else's feelings anymore.
I think you're probably taking this out of proportion. No one said your fics were bad, I liked all but one, and that one was due to the fact that I'm a rabid dub defender. I didn't comment on the fic because I wanted people to make comments on the fic itself, not turn it into another stupid, useless dub/sub war.

No one's saying that writing Okita as a silly young man is wrong. Hell, the anime did it, what do you call the episode with Hijikata's haikus? But, even though that entire episode, Okita was being very silly and extremely funny, he was doing it for a very serious reason. He even had a small semi-serious, introspective moment at the end of the episode (amidst Tetsu-bashing...I bet Shinpachi's cooking isn't THAT bad ^_^;; ).

So, instead of just assuming that everyone's trying to make you leave, try to understand that they're only trying to help. No one ever said that they didn't like what you wrote, especially since in the very post where they talk about keeping characters IC, the poster specifically told you to keep up the good work. I fail to see where all this is coming from.

Anyway, I'm going back over...there now. I do hope to see more of your PMK stuff in the future.
hey your icon is tight. i likes it.
I get more comments over my Sanzo icons. ^_^

Yours is too...rowr, I love that pic. XDXD
i like your icon too! he's wearing black leather in this particular one right? rowr lol

thanks for your encouragement. i understand i was mentioned for a reason, it's just that i would have preferred if she hadn't have mentioned me n_n''' maybe things wouldn't have turned out the way they did.......but ah well

enjoy your stay here n_n
I never get comments on mine but Sanzo is tight. I like that one too
...SUSUMU! *tackleglomp* XDXDXD

You should! That's a sessy pic. XD
i have lots id like to use but the ones i have now i like the most. ^^the sanzo is my fav. so much so i got labels made of it lol