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hee. 2 posts in one day! w00t! HOO YAH! anywho I'm sure everyone's seen Terri-chan's Comedian Trio piccie :D well I took the liberty of coloring it, among drawing other pics that tickle my fancy

wh00t! enter the inner sanctum! the Comedian Trio piccie! Colored with my spiffy MGI photosuite 4 rocks my wal-mart socks
a piccie of Okita Souji (PMK version) and Krissie Yukari from my fic/rp thingamabob inspired by "Automatic" by Utada Hikaru n_n *squee* I have a thing for making pairing pics lol this is currently my wallpaper n_n though it was a tad difficult holding my hand straight whilst drawing the kanji....all done with a mouse hee
my kawaii entry for a n rk contest :D

well um i don't wanna post my whole gallery cause that would take all night XDD but feel free to look at all 430 piccies.......and bring me to 5k hits! lolz n_n I guess i'd better get to work on my 5k pic then lol
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